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These pages will focus ambulance service resources for clinical governance.
Updated 04/07/02

ASA Seminar 22nd April 2002 >>>
Commission for Health Improvement - Ambulance Services >>> (updated 30/05/02)
ASA Reference Pack >>> now includes a library of reference material (updated 04/07/02)

The Commission for Health Improvement Clinical Governance Review:
Ambulance Service Experience and Implications
ASA Seminar - Monday 22nd April 2002 - Chesterfield Hotel. 35 Charles Street, Mayfair, London W1J 5EB

The presentations will appear here soon

Presentation Download
1. Introduction and Aims - Peter Innes (Chair, ASA/JRCALC Clinical Effectivness Committee)  
2. The CHI Review Process and Outcomes - Joe Setters (Development Manager Commission for Health Improvement)  
3. Ambulance Service Assessor's View - Tracey Cooper (Associate Director of Education NHS Clinical Governance Support Team)  
4. Experiences from Ambulance Service NHS Trusts:
i) Hereford & Worcester
- Brian Chambers (Director of Corporate Services)
ii) Greater Manchester - Neil Barnes (Head of Clinical Governance) GMAS_CHI.ppt (2.39MB)
GMAS_CHI.pdf (456k)
iii) Scottish Ambulance - Bill Mason (Continuous Improvement Manager)  
iv) East Anglia Ambulance - Kate Turner (CHI Co-ordinator)  
5. Future Arrangements - Links with other performance management processes
i) NPSA -
Steve Ellicker (Clinical Governance Team West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust)
ii) CNST - Steve Edwards (Clinical Governance Manager West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust)  
6. Panel Discussion - Ongoing dissemination of lessons learned from CHI experience  

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Commission for Health Improvement

For details about the Clinical Governance Review of Ambulance NHS Trusts click here >>>

Information and data request for ambulance trusts (72k pdf)
Ambulance trust questionnaire (168k Word)
Ambulance trust questionnaire (48k pdf)

Current and Future Clinical Governance Reviews:

Service Start of Review Review Week


1. Greater Manchester Ambulance Service NHS Trust 25.02.02 15.04.02  
2. East Anglia Ambulance Service NHS Trust 25.03.02 13.05.02  
3. Hereford & Worcester Ambulance Service NHS Trust 25.03.02 20.05.02  
4. Warwickshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust 10.06.02 29.07.02  
5. Dorset Ambulance Service NHS Trust 17.06.02 05.08.02  
6. North East Ambulance Service NHS Trust 17.06.02 05.08.02  
7. Beds & Herts Ambulance & Paramedic Services NHS Trust 17.06.02 12.08.02  
8. Avon Ambulance Service NHS Trust 24.06.02 12.08.02  
9. Mersey Regional Ambulance Service NHS Trust 08.07.02 19.08.02  
10. Hampshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust 15.07.02 09.09.02  
11. Royal Berkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust 05.08.02 09.09.02  
12. Oxfordshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust 12.08.02 30.09.02  
13. Gloucestershire Ambulance Service NHS Trust 02.09.02 21.10.02  
14. Cumbria Ambulance Service NHS Trust 09.09.02 28.10.02  
15. South Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust 16.09.02 04.11.02  
16. West Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service NHS Trust 16.09.02 04.11.02  
17. Lancashire Ambulance Service NHS Trust 23.09.02 11.11.02  
18. Surrey Ambulance Service NHS Trust 30.09.02 18.11.02  

For the complete list of review sites and dates click here >>>

Do you want to be a CHI Clinical Governance Reviewer? If so click here >>>

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ASA Clinical Governance Reference Pack

Clinical Governace Guidance - ASA Reference Pack on implementing clinical governance
Update - December 1999 - updated information on clinical governance

Library of Policies & Procedures

Service Policy/Procedure/Reference File Size
Avon Ambulance Service NHS Trust Clinical Audit Policy pdf 880k
Avon Ambulance Service NHS Trust Research Governance Policy pdf 883k
Ambulance Service Association Guide to statistics in clinical audit pdf 74k

Please submit your policies and procedures to [email protected]

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