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Joint Ambulance Service Association/ Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee
Clinical Effectiveness Committee

Mission Statement
The committee will act to focus and encourage clinically effective practice within UK ambulance services in the interest of all patients.

To act as a focus through which amulance service thinking is represented, raising the profile of clinical effectiveness and encouraging the use of evidence-based practice within the pre-hospital care setting whilst establishing national priorities.
b) To advise an setting clinical, performance, process, and outcome standards. This will include advice on appropriate measures for any standards developed, including qualitative measures. Participation in benchmarking exercises will be encouraged.
c) To foster relationships with other bodies (e.g. IHCD, NICE, CHImp, Patient Groups, etc.) and to call upon their expertise whenever required. This will include advice on National Service Frameworks appropriate to the ambulance service.
d) To advise, recommend and/ or approve education programmes relevant to clinical effectiveness within ambulance services in liaison witrh other agencies (e.g ASA Training & Education Committee, IHCD etc.).
e) To disseminate all relevant information via a regular newsletter, an annual conference, and a web site (linked to the main ASA site, NICE, other services etc.) This will involve establishing, maintaining and disseminating a national database of clinical effectiveness work, including projects, workshops, audit tools and methodologies etc.
f) To promote research and development into effectice pre-hospital care.

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National Clinical Effectiveness Project


Bringing pieces of the jigsaw together Creating the Links Supporting Clinically Effective Practice
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"Bringing pieces of the jigsaw together"

  To provide guidance and support to the development and implementation

of clinical effectiveness education programmes

  To ensure the progression of clinical effectiveness within the UK ambulance

service through consultation with local & national bodies

  To identify and agree national priorities for clinical effectiveness regimes
  To participate in the development of mulit-disciplinary care pathways

to ensure an integrated approach

  To contribute to the development and production of communication tools

to serve the above objectives

ASA NCEP Return to the Start Supporting Clinically Effective Practice

"Supporting Clinically Effective Practice"

  Project Web Site - audit database, links, publications,

information, resources

  Training & Education - audit tools, workshops, evidence of

best practice, surveys

  Newsletter - CANDOUR - latest information, examples of

good practice

  Conferences - AMBEX 2000 - ASA/JRCALC - update skills &

knowledge, different perspectives

  Regional Groups - share information locally, feed into national

structure, collaborative & comparative projects

Bringing the pieces of the jigsaw together Return to the Start Creating the Links

"Creating the Links"

Supporting Clinically Effective Practice

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